clearing storm over St. Pankraz

St. Pankraz church is built on one of the oldest inhabitated places in the valley of Bad Reichenhall. Accessible through only a narrow footpath, this location was safe from attacks from below and must have been an old ritual place, too. One of my best christmas experiences is connected with this church: walking 1 hour through the snow, with a pitch-torch in the hand, and then attending midnight mass.


  1. Thank you for making my day with this photo. I’ve been a bit melancholy, but it’s clearing, just like the storm in this photo of a place I love

  2. Speak of a lonely place. The only problem with Bavarian churches is, that they always look like freshly built. There is simply too much money in Bavaria 🙂


  3. Hm, I’m not a real church person – but that sounds like a nice experience. Especially the torch-walk through the snow. And it seems to be a great landscape for such a hike…

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