woods and lichens, schneizlreuth

these pre-winter mornings have a certain depressive quality.

cold but not really cold, old snow turned grey by pollution and simple dirt, low diffuse light and fog taking out a lot of the colors of the already de-coloured landscape. so i thought. but getting off sunday early morning and getting out from the warm air in the flat into the rain-cleaned moist air in the woods seemed to help clear my sight and vision. and so i found those lichen spots on the trees, forming an almost camouflage like pattern in the fog remainders.


  1. Hi Markus,

    It’s one of the interesting things in blogging, how low the rate of people is who leave a comment, even when I try to address them as directly as possible, for instance with a question. On the other hand, this leaves time to answer those who do.

    I like your image and it’s the fog that makes it work. Without fog it would be a chaotic criss-cross of lines, with it you get nice separation and depth. Beautiful.


  2. I really like the “triumvirate” of the three black trees against the misty background. Certainly works for me…

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