Church and Castle of Senj

Grad Senj, Senj (OSM)

Yes, sharpness is not optimal in this image, but the temperatures were at 30°C/86°F, so the air was shimmering. This is a classical Bayer sensor recorded image, in postprocessing the blue channel was reduced a bit – something you would have achieved on film by using a yellow filter. The highlights in the roof of…

Three weeks in Rehabilitation

Manang Valley, Nepal, 1981

For three more weeks posting will continue in the https://markus-spring.info/common-places/ section, as I will try to regain flexibility and strength in my broken right elbow, now in full-day rehabilitiaton. In the ‘Common Places’ section of the blog, you will find scanned slides of my 1981 trekking tour around the Annapurnas in Nepal.