47.6245N, 13.03E


    1. Schorsch, vielen Dank! Ich werd’ das Themenfeld wohl trotzdem nicht ausbauen, das ist so sehr mit negativen Emotionen besetzt…

  1. Markus, I like this series. Certainly dark and moody, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I do wonder about the nearly monochromatic color. Is it basically an accurate rendering of the unusual subject matter, or did you intentionally tone it down for effect? I don’t know that I care which it is, but I’m curious.

    1. Carl, this is really just desaturated, midtones moved substantially into the dark range, and contrast enhanced, but no toning added, just a tad of dark vignetting. The original images had that warm green and brown tones emphasized by the afternoon light, but this did not match the mood I wanted to transport.

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