1. Statik und Dynamik,
    Beständigkeit und Wandel,
    feste Form und fluide Gestalt,
    vom Menschen gemacht und
    von der Natur gegeben

    1. “Rivers are swelling and bursting their banks.
      Into the ark, all you chiaroscuros and half-tones,
      you details, ornaments, and whims,
      silly exceptions,
      forgotten signs,
      countless shades of the color gray,
      play for play’s sake,
      and tears of mirth.”
      (Wislawa Szymborska, from her poem “Into the Ark”)

    1. Definitely cold at this time of the year, only the amount of water is much less than in the past, as we are experiencing quite dry winters in the last decade, with the exception of local blizzards. Climate change is taking its toll.

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