And now for something completely different

Bad Reichenhall, Thumseestraße (OSM)

Today saw the 7th “Awakening with Music on Thumsee”, a early morning open air concert of our dear friends Eva Kastner (harp) and Sabine Schmid (dulcimer) on the shore of my hometown’s swimming lake, Thumsee. What a perfect way to start into Sunday.


    1. Yes, Joe, Bavaria still has really wonderful corners. There’s an old latin saying “Non es vita extra Bavariam, et si est, non est ita” meaning “there is no life (possible) outside of Bavaria – and if it should be, it certainly is not like this”. Of course this is hyperbole, but for us Bavarians, there’s a grain of truth in it.

    1. Danke, Jürgen! Vom Abbild weg zu Emotionen zu kommen, also an tiefere Schichten zu rühren, das ist für mich eine der wesentlichen Motivationen zu fotografieren.

  1. The harp certainly is a instrument from heaven, played by angels! Two of my daughters play exactly these instruments, harp and hammer dulcimer – unfortunately they are now away from home for their university studies, so it will take a long time until I will hear them playing together again.

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