Wham-O Automat and Fence

Frühlingstraße, Bad Reichenhall (OSM)

I struggled to find a word for that vending machine (dispenser? automat? crackerjack-box?) – these things were abundant in my youth, filled with cheap, colorant-laden chewing gums. Now they are rare.

The fences might grow into a collection. In a certain sense they are the urban, German counterpart for the “no trespassing” signs. Certainly my interest was triggered already years ago by the beautiful rural fences made from natural materials, and then of course the archetypical “white fence” by Paul Strand and their derivations.


    1. Eigentlich hätte ich ja eine Sammlung von “Betreten des Rasens verboten” Schildern geplant, aber die sind wie durch ein Wunder ausgestorben (Klimawandel?)
      Aber Zäune sind dekorativer (insbesondere dein Zaun mit Schnee), und aus diesem Thema könnte man ja auch eine kleine Kulturgeschichte der Abgrenzung schreiben. Besonders schöne Exemplare habe ich übrigens in Sri Lanka gefunden: Batticaloa Fences

    1. Candies in the right one, Tyler: For condoms the height of the thing would be “inadequate”. The other has those “super balls”, that I know from 50 years back

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