1. I accepted the challenge – usually you get to photograph the effects of strong winds in form of destructions of all kind, but that is not what I was interested in (and, thanks God, there were just broken branches and torn leaves).
      As the gusts of wind were quite unpredictable, it took me quite a number of attempts to come out with this result.

  1. I love pictures that capture a sense of time with differential wind effects across the subject matter.. In fact I included one in my first TOP Print Offer back in 2010. This one works really well.

    1. Thanks Carl! I am indeed quite happy with this image – the last of a long row of attempts to visualize the storm. And this is the 2nd time I could portray this tree, which sits in front of our porch, in a satisfying way, astonishingly again in a tight crop. These are the joys of photographing near to home.

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