1. I’m curious if the light in the bright area is coming from a street lamp. There would also have to be other ambient light to open up the shadowed part of the wall in the vacant lot. An old habit from decades of professional work leads me still to want to reverse engineer the lighting effect in any picture I find interesting. Now it’s pure curiosity. Back then, it was to be able to utilize effects I liked with my own lighting gear, or equally important, for effects I didn’t like the analysis helped me avoid making a similar mistake.

  2. Carl, the light came indeed from a street lamp, and the shadows were opened up by the reflection from the wall behind the lamp. I just re-checked for post processing influences, but this is as straight out-of-the-cam as a raw image can get.
    Usually I carefully lift shadows, but in this case it was not necessary. I was astonished how well the sensor captured the artificial light and also the shadow areas, especially as this is a camera from 2014. Since quite some time I limit the ISO setting to 1600, to avoid the shadow noise that expecially disturbs in the night sky.

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