1. It’s funny, I usually can’t stand it when a digital capture shows interference with digital media in the subject, but this time it absolutely works! Almost like the ad display is commenting on itself. It might have been an interesting picture framed this way with the right ordinary printed billboard, but this adds something. As an aside, the other digital capture issue that drives me crazy with urban shooting is that traffic lights almost always burn out. I couldn’t count the number of otherwise good urban street scenes I’ve shot that I can’t stand because of the burned out traffic lights or red (but not anymore) auto tail lights—for me it breaks the “fourth wall” of the visual presentation.

  2. Yes, Carl, here the interference comes over in a carpet like structure, admittedly invisible in the viewfinder. What piqued my interest was the defunct screen, advertising an operating system from Microsoft, a company I wholeheartedly despise for preferring “features” over security for too many years.

    Re. the burnt out highlights, I haven’t made so many bad experiences, even though my youngest camera is 5 years already. With Sony sensors I’ve been able to get back up to 2.5 f-stops from the highlights. But I agree – careless exhibition of burnt out areas destroys the impression of most images for me, too.

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