Moonlit Night

Moonlit Night, My Garden, Bad Reichenhall, Landscape, Urban
My Garden, Bad Reichenhall

“It was as though Heaven
Had softly kissed the Earth,
So that she in a gleam of blossom
Had only to dream of him.”

This is the first verse of Joseph von Eichendorff’s poem “Moonlit Night”. The German original and a translation you can read here: And you might listen to it on youtube, sung by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the death of my mother, and it was certainly she who instilled my first love for poetry. That my father in his silent way also loved poetry very much, I learned only much later.


  1. So ein Blick aus dem heimischen Fenster wäscht/wischt doch den ganzen Arbeitstag weg, oder? 😊

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