The big Shoes of Montgelas

The big Shoes of Montgelas, Promenadenplatz, Munich, Black & White, Urban
Promenadenplatz, Munich

Maximilian von Montgelas was a Bavarian reformer of highest importance. Among many other things, the saecularisation of the property of the churches in Bavaria was decided under his guidance. It is undisputable that much of the wealth of Bavaria is based on his decisions.

Hundreds of years later, a Bavarian minister of finances demonstrated his reverence for Montgelas through the erection of a super-sized (even in comparison to other monuments of rulers) statue of Montgelas on one of the central squares in Munich.

Unfortunately this ministers endeavors in accumulating wealth for Bavaria were remarkably unsuccessful: Under his supervision, Bavaria invested heavily in a shady consortium of banks and in the end came out with a loss of 4.7 billions. Quite an amount in relation to a population figure of 11 millions. Montgelas probable turned over in his grave.

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