Cast off the cloak of indifference…

Cast off the cloak of indifference..., Kirchberg, Bad Reichenhall
Kirchberg, Bad Reichenhall

Today 75 years ago Hans and Sophie Scholl together with Christoph Probst were accused by the Nazi “judge” Freisler, convicted and only hours later beheaded in a Munich prison.

Out of a spirit of humanity they had called for resistance against the murderous German regime and paid the highest price for that. But their message still can and should be heard today. Especially that line of their fifth leaflet is as necessary today as it was then: only too much our societies have got accustomed to racist speech of all colors, to silent or open contempt for other nations, religions, social status, skin colours or orientations, pioneering even violence against all that are assumed to be different.

Germany now has openly racist members of parliament, Austria even has them as members of the government: it seems that not much was learned from the catastrophy of the third reich.

Casting off that cloak of indifference means to accept brothers and sisters for the only reason of them being fellow humans, regardless of superficial distinctions – and openly naming not only racists as what they are.

Young Emma Gonzalez has just days ago given a vivid example of how frank and pointed speech has to be.


  1. The time for timid neutrality is over. Time for all good people, the press in particular, to stand up and declare what is right and what is wrong. Great post.

    1. Michael, I fully agree. In many countries the majority of the press is on the democratic side, and there is a great number of people of good will. We will have to keep up the momentum and get all those to vote.

  2. Great post, Markus. Racism has never gone away, and now racists have positions in a number of Western governments including the U.S.. Emma Gonzalez and her fellow H.S. students are a breath of fresh air. She gives us hope for the future.

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