Small Town Winter

Haus der Jugend, Bad Reichenhall

This is one of the first images I took with a ~ 40 years old 50mm Pentax lens, all manual, on a Sony A7 body, which I bought used for a very reasonable price. Strange how you can feel so easily at home with a new camera, picturing in the same way I started in high school with a Spotmatic then. Now I am back again at manual focus, f-stop ring at the lens, but of course greatly supported by ISO and shutter speed automatics – and even after 12 years of DSLR and up to now mirrorless m43, it is not awkward at all. So the next month will see how I adapt to that back-to-the-roots technique, and how my old Pentax lenses from 24mm (this in fact is a Tokina) up to 200mm will fare.


    1. Oh ja – das kommt mir sehr entgegen. Ich habe schon vor langer Zeit meine Neigung zu Bildern entdeckt, die nur eine unvollständige Farbpalette haben, d.h. mindestens eine Farbe des Spektrums auslassen. Und in Winterlandschaften geht das oft ganz von allein.

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