1. Indeed, a very interesting artistic project concerning the information amassed by Google, “pictures of individuals taken without their permission”.

    It remains to be seen what will happen with the wast amount of information gathered about people. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. are using it for monetary gain, but then there is also what is happening in politics, i.e., weaponizing this kind of information to influence elections, even those in other countries (e.g. Putin/Trump).

    1. Juha, this are old people’s concerns – mine as well 🙂

      The next generation seems to be completely oblivious regarding privacy rights – as long as it is fund and free in terms of money, they gladly give away all their data, certainly making them completely transparent at least for companies like Axiom and Google, and for failed governments, like those in the U.S., Turkey or the U.S.S.R.

      I try my best to avoid this, not using a Google mobile nor Facebook nor Wazzap, but there’s certainly still quite some of my private data around. So I am not sure if I could pass homeland security controls.

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