1. Der Sky Chef bist ja wohl Du, mein lieber Markus ­čśë
    Sehr aparte Aufnahme. Nicht nur wegen der monumemtalen Wolkenformation, sondern auch wegen der irritierenden Spiegelungseffekte.
    Eine bedrohliche Stimmung.
    Bist Du noch geflogen danach?

    Gru├č, Uwe

    1. Danke, Uwe. F8 and be there – die alte Regel hat Bestand, vor allem wenn das ├╝berm├╝dete Auge vergisst, dem Gehirn Befehle zum Kategorisieren des Gesehenen zu geben. Und selbstverst├Ąndlich bin ich geflogen – ich wollte schlie├člich heim!

    1. … and I should have marketed it better – it was done with an iPhone SE, at the time when I still had it, for I traded it down to an old iPhone 4 that was insufficient for my daughter’s needs, or so she said.

      1. We still are using a pair of iPhone 4s units. They work, though there’s a hint they may not be capable of the latest iOS upgrade, which might present a problem.

        1. Yes, Carl, even the 4 is perfectly usable for an adult with rational needs – but it doesn’t get iOS upgrades by A***e any more. For a teenager a no go, as the newest whatever apps won’t run on it. Admittedly the camera in the new model definitely *is* better. But even that is not so important for me, as I usually carry my m43-equipment.

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