1. Your photo raises a number of questions. Safety and security seem a major issue. Is Harare unsafe? This parts store seems to feature German auto parts. Do they carry other car parts? You showed a Jaguar dealer earlier, and I’m sure they must need many parts. Are cars commonly owned in Harare? The bits of red across your photo ties it nicely together.

    1. Jeff, Harare is pretty safe (as long as there is no political unrest, which unfortunately is becoming more and more fortunate, as people become poorer and corruption becomes abundant). That you have Jags and German cars is mostly due to a elite, whose sources of income in most cases would not stand the tests of moral and legal immaculateness. The great majority of people struggles to make ends meet, and not many can afford better cars. Currently the banks run out of cash, which results in long queues in front of the banks and in shops unwilling to bank their cash reserves as the might become worthless overnight. An ideal breeding ground for crime…

      1. Markus, thank you for your thoughtful, and insightful reply. A great divide between wealth and poor often leads to instability and chaos, especially if corruption is common. Too bad there is no insurance to keep banks from failing. That might help the economy.

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