1. That is a very nice scene. The exposed brick speaks to the old, and the contrasting flowers represent the new. Trying to resist the word “ap-peal-ing.” 😉

    1. Thanks, Tom. That red-brown-yellow of the bricks – a color combination that I personally like very much – is something that you encounter especially in all the alleys of Northern Italian towns, and those small shrines similarly seem to turn up almost everywhere. In contrast to former times however, many of the flowers are plastic ones nowadays.

  2. Now that is a fine picture. Two totally different things going on that work so well together. Also, it has that “painterly” look that my wife likes so much.

    1. Typically Italian, one could say, David, as this still is a deeply rooted Catholic country. The (felt) harmony of such combinations is something I try to find everywhere.

  3. A remarkable picture. That partially exposed brick is a look that was faked and quite popular in interior design not that long ago. Easy to see why.

    1. Michael, for I long time I dreamed to live in a loft with such brick walls. And such peeling paint caters to my love for Wabi-Sabi.

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