Still quiet


Jezevac, Krk

Writing this post in the early afternoon, my favourite gadget again would be a kind of a bazooka with a noise detecting device and, instead of an explosive warhead, an engine killer. The joy of seeing the proud captain of that overly loud leisure boat, who was devastating the whole bay with his noise just seconds ago, now paddling back to the harbour, would be extraordinaire.

But this morning it was all quiet.

3 thoughts

  1. Fronleichnam. 8 Uhr Stichsäge Nachbar zur linken. 10 Uhr Rasenmäher Nachbar zur rechten. 10.30 Uhr Rasenkantenschneider Nachbar zur rechten. If you ever patent and manufacture this bazooka I will buy one. Or two. Or four. One for each point of the compass.

    Nevertheless – enjoy your vacation 🙂

  2. Martina, Tom: This is a question I am pondering since quite some time: most people suffer from noise, but in spite of all the regulations of most aspects of life, this is a topic still completely un-tackled. Giving just a constant modest rate by which new devices have to be less noisy than last years models, within a decade the overall level would be a *lot* more agreeable.

    But in the present situation, noise detecting bazookas seem to be the only way out 🙁

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