1. Fronleichnam. 8 Uhr Stichsäge Nachbar zur linken. 10 Uhr Rasenmäher Nachbar zur rechten. 10.30 Uhr Rasenkantenschneider Nachbar zur rechten. If you ever patent and manufacture this bazooka I will buy one. Or two. Or four. One for each point of the compass.

    Nevertheless – enjoy your vacation 🙂

  2. Martina, Tom: This is a question I am pondering since quite some time: most people suffer from noise, but in spite of all the regulations of most aspects of life, this is a topic still completely un-tackled. Giving just a constant modest rate by which new devices have to be less noisy than last years models, within a decade the overall level would be a *lot* more agreeable.

    But in the present situation, noise detecting bazookas seem to be the only way out 🙁

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