mafia corruzione


Fondamenta Croce, Venezia (OSM)

With this image I am starting a new sequence in the ‘common places’ section. And while the venue is obviously the tourist-ridden sinking city of Venice, I will try my best to stay away from the cliché.

In the sense of full disclosure I admit that I do love this place or better the spirit that this place can reveal sometimes, but I do know that there are quite a number of Venice haters out in the world – not too hard to become one after an exhausting excursion and narrow escapes from handbag vendors or bullying waiters. At 02:00 a.m. Venice is different, but not only then: you just have to invest the time to walk away from the highway connecting the train station – Rialto – Piazza San Marco.


    1. I’ll do my best, Tom. Last year already I created a folio with 12 prints, and I had only one picture in it where one could recognize a gondola. It’s hard but not impossible to avoid those ‘typical’ photographs of Venice.

  1. Bin gespannt.
    Es ist schwierig, die eigenen bildlichen Voreinstellungen gegenüber einem solchen prominenten Sujet zu unterlaufen.
    Ein Buch, das den gängigen Venedig-Klischees entkommt, möchte ich Dir noch empfehlen, von einem meiner Lieblingsschriftsteller: Matthias Zschokke, Die strengen Frauen von Rosa Salva (2014), Es fasst den “Zauber” dieser Stadt mit Lakonie und Witz, ohne in Stereotype zu verfallen. Es ist sehr EIGEN, macht dabei aber die Trunkenheit, die sich ob der Schönheit Venedigs einstellt, nachvollziehbar.

    Gruß, Uwe

    1. Uwe, ich hab’s mir bestellt, als Urlaubslektüre. Das überhaupt ist Luxus: Ein Buch nicht nur kaufen, sondern auch lesen zu dürfen und zu können. Ich bin schon gespannt.

  2. If you have enough time to walk around in Venice and you manage to escape from the “hot spots” you’ll discover a real interesting place…I know, not easy specially in summer time…

    1. Yes, time certainly is the key to a Venice trip you want to remember. Over the course of a recent project I was sent to Venice 5 times and was lucky enough to carve out enough hours that brought me even into the more remote areas, and additionally I could spend times with born-and-bread Venetians, which offered even more insight. In my eyes this is a wonderful place.

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