Art in the public Space


Jason Moyo Ave, Harare

I am back from Harare after a long flight with not too much sleep. Professionally it was successful, photographically not so much as my colleagues and me took turns in falling sick with a flu, leaving not much time and even less energy for extra activities. Maybe the next time…


  1. Multipurpose art, what a great find! Happy to find a few photos from Zimbabwe. Hope you are on the mend. Sunny greetings from Mexico. J.

    1. Janine, I am back home already, but the next trips to Zim are already planned – that’s the advantage of project work :). I still have to get adjusted to the place. Before my first trip I had read about all the warnings and was too scared to walk around, only to learn that most people are genuinely friendly. It seems to be no comparison with the all too violent South African cities. But I still have to find my way portraying a widely impoverished society without coming up too voyeuristic.

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