The old Castle

Gruttenstein, Bad Reichenhall

Interested in a poem? This one is from the ‘Winterreise’ by Wilhelm Müller (1794-1827), translation by Celia Sgroi.

The Stormy Morning

How the storm has torn asunder
The heavens' grey cover !
The cloud tatters flutter
Around in weary strife.

And fiery red flames
Dart around among them;
That's what I call a morning
That really fits my mood !

My heart sees in the heavens
Its own image painted -
It's nothing but the winter,
Winter cold and wild !

If you want to hear it sung in German by Thomas Quasthoff, see it here on youtube round minute 59:00


  1. Good photo to go with this poem. Thanks for your comment today. I agree with you about the odd billboard. It is a pharmacy in Oklahoma, so there is no telling about the audience. But the picture looks like something unhealthy is going on.

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