Cig Break


Gärtnerplatz, Munich

I hope this image of a break will not precede a break in posting, but beginning tomorrow I will be on a official trip to Harare, with yet unknown network connections especially for blogging purposes. Of course I am glad about this opportunity for traveling and meeting friends again in Zimbabwe, and I assume that in terms of photography this trip will be as prolific as the last ones were.

The background of the project that sends me to Harare is a city twinning between Munich and Harare, dating back to 1996 and frozen for some stretches of time when the political situation in Zimbabwe was too appalling. It is not good now, mind you, but at least good enough to implement projects that should support the people of Harare by providing them with a greater deal of legal security through a reliable cadastral land register.

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    1. Danke – im Nachhinein waren es viel zu wenige. Aber die wenigen waren es wert, und nächstes Mal bin ich etwas forscher (und werde hoffentlich nicht wieder krank)

  1. Enjoy your trip to Zimbabwe. Will look forward to seeing your photos from there when ever you get to post them. Sounds like a warm place to go this time of year. Interesting angle in your photo.

    1. Thanks Jeff. I am back again, with good network connections now. The Zim summer was not as hot as I feared, but work was a lot (o.k., it was what they sent me for) and opportunities for photography were scarce.

  2. Best of luck on your trip and projects. A rather voyeuristic perspective here, but at least the subject is a dude 🙂

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