The Smoker

Friedrichstr., Berlin (OSM)

Smoking is generally on decline in Germany, and e-cigarettes are biting away from the rest of the cake. Of course this makes the big four tobacco companies unhappy, but for the average health of the citizens it certainly is good news. However there’s a not so small group of the ‘young and cool’, who still smoke and celebrate their smoking, nurturing addicts of the future. We’ll see how the development is when next year’s regulations enforce scaring graphics on the cigarette boxes.


  1. Here in Australia it’s been illegal to smoke in public places for some time. It’s even illegal to smoke in cars when children are present. Also, manufacturers can’t brand cigarette packets. All packets look the same with pictures of gross body parts but I’m not sure if the number of smokers has dropped.
    Excellent photo set by the way.

    1. Thanks, Cedric. When I was a teen, the cigarette packets themselves were still cool – the Camel, the golden Benson, the blue Gauloises. But I don’t miss that, certainly not. Nowadays smoking is just big business on the back of those that refuse or are unable to understand that every cigarette is much more expensive on the long run than the price they’ve paid for the thing itself. And while the number of smokers is decreasing in Europe and the U.S., Asia is one big emerging market with less regulation and more corruption.

  2. Quite an interesting mine-series of photo. I like the play between the immobile smoker and the blurry passerby’s. And, yes, anything measurements that can reduce health risk are good.

  3. Otto, that iuxtaposition between static and moving is something that I enjoy to explore. And on occasion it falls well in line with the subject, like here. (and this is one of the reasons why I enjoy the stabilisation in my camera so much)

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