Potsdam Lantern Holder

Potsdam Castle, Berlin

So this, as all the Berlin photographs (and the Florence ones before, and many others) is now filed in the “Common Places” category. Why? Of course I am referring to Stephen Shore’s “Uncommon Places” here, a topic and genre not regarded as art before the ground breaking work of Shore and some of his contemporaries. But what are uncommon places in the 21st century, where you book full services (photo) safaris to the Antarctica as well as the Namib – and Shore might drown in a sea of epigones? The former uncommon now is the common place, and with this word play I am certainly also winking to the art world’s embracing of photography. I have decided to take labeling less seriously, and in the case of this blog, “Common places” is used as the denominator for geographically coherent image sequences.

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