Backlight in the Cold 2


Hintersee, Ramsau (OSM)

Martina of course got me thinking when she stated in her comment: “You should do b&w more often”. Most certainly I’ve neglected this part of my photographic roots now in my digital years, but now, at least I think, Color is the new b&w. Not being able to remember where I had read this sentence first, I asked my trusted (the privacy-respecting meta-search-engine) and found the 2011 article of Jim Hughes Back to the Future on the “Online Photographer”. Definitely worth to be re-read. What he demands of color photography in the last paragraph is ‘less cacophony’, and this is a requirement that I try to follow since quite some time. Long gone are the times that I posted an image to the ‘vivid’-group on flickr, and the saturation control in my software definitely knows no ’11’. So I try my best to photograph in color with all the best techniques that I know from b&w. And from time to time, I do the real thing and create a series of monochrome images: Hintersee May Day, OmiŇ°alj or even a pdf book: Christmas Trees. And when I succeed, I sometimes get a feeling of inferiority when seeing and imaging in color again. There’s a long and winding road ahead…

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  1. Like most people my age (mid 50s) I started photography in the black and white world and darkroom developing. I am seldom satisfied now with my b&w work. I think is has to do with being conscious of what’s missing (color) because the camera always records in color first (even if I set it to monochrome, it imports in color with lightroom). Reading your post, seeing your work, and reading the article you linked to makes me want to try a little harder.

    1. Michael, there’s definitely a lot to be said in favour of colour – in my eyes Saul Leiter’s work is among the most competent examples for the beauty of color. Black and white is now an option, and when I choose it, I do it on purpose and with the same delicacy I would work in color – unlike the old times when there was “only” FP4 in the camera and I had to get along with that. It’s good that we have the choice!

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