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Feuerhaus, Bad Reichenhall

Some posts ago, I mentioned the upcoming exhibition of our ‘photo group’, which is a part of the adult education facility here in my hometown. The event took place last Saturday evening, with a good crowd attending and even a photographer/writer of the local press present. As it is a group exhibition under the theme “in series”, the images show a broad variety in terms of subject as well as presentation, and while intended for the public, offers quite some learning material for us group members too.


    1. Oh ja – und in dem Moment war dann die Plage der Vorbereitung endlich vergessen!

  1. Congratulations, looks like a successful event. Looks like a beautiful venue too.

    1. Thanks, Cedric. This is the old fire station which was remodeled after the fire brigade got bigger quarters already decades ago.

    1. Danke, Walter. Meine Heimatstadt Bad Reichenhall ist in einigen Aspekten wirklich vorbildlich: in unserer Kunstakademie gibt es jetzt auch hochkarÀtige Fotografiekurse, u.a. von H.C.Schink

  2. Ein Feuerhaus als Galerie – ein Ort zum Löschen des Bilderdurstes 😉
    Gratuliere. Gruß, Uwe

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