Fallen Larch Tree

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Klausbachtal, Ramsau

There are many people loving the outdoors, who feel a special affection towards trees, and I am certainly one of them. In the Berchtesgaden National Park, where I found this old larch, the woods are developing back to their natural state (given the hunters can keep the numbers of bud-eating deers and roes in tolerable magnitudes), and fallen trees stay where they are, protecting saplings and providing shelter and nourishment for other species. For me there is a tremendous amount of beauty in such natural forests, and the woods surrounding the cities in so-called cultivated landscape resemble much more plantations than their wild ancestors.


  1. I´m a real nature lover & tree hugger. This larch is so beautiful, looks like driftwood. Love the light here. Sunny greetings from Asia. J.

    1. Hi Janine, thank you for stopping by! The size and shape of the trees in Sri Lanka (this is the part of Asia I’ve visited most often) were even more impressive than of those at home!

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