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Sony Center Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

The more appropriate title might be ‘Communication or the lack of the latter’, but then…

Anyway, this photograph was made before I discovered that Sony’s behavior can border to the fraudulent when it comes to delivering services that were concludently sold as part of a package, in my case the internet radio streams to be received by a Sony compact HiFi unit. For the better part of a year all went well, but suddenly the radio streaming stopped, and the sony customer service delivered ill advice like ‘you have to reset the unit’ and so on. Meanwhile I know better that receiving radio streams was facilitated through a contracted third party, vtuner.com, and they stopped their services. It’s not too hard to guess that most probably differences about payments were the driving force for that. Anyhow, Sony does not deliver and they don’t take the units back, leaving me with a crippled lump of obsolete electronics not able to communicate with wwoz.org or any other internet radio station. Had they implemented a full featured internet radio instead of a faux tuner hard-tied to a third party, I would be able to happily stream New Orleans Radio or everything else. In the end this means for me that I won’t buy any Sony device in the future. So much for the Sony Center.


  1. I feel for you, it seems like no one is holding corporations accountable for much of anything these days – you pays your money and you takes your chances…good luck getting satisfaction. Love the image, though, the overall light effect, but especially the mirroring of the corporate glow from the building and the glow of the computer screen on the young man’s face.

    1. Ayn Rand would love that implementation of economy, Michael 🙁 Astonishing enough Europe seems to follow those capitalist pied pipers without a second thought now for more than two decades.

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