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Via Fusari, Siena (OSM)

I hope I am not overly stretching your patience with so many pictures from the Siena cathedral, but I found it a breathtaking experience, in spite of the many tourists that were in that church with me.


  1. I found your site from a list of referring sites to my blog, thank you. I wandered around, looked at many photographs here and I liked what I saw. I am picking to comment on this one, I like the date! The architecture is indeed remarkable, the receding row of columns provide a great sense of depth. I am particularly taken by the horizontal black and white marble patterns all over the place. No wonder it took your breath away!

    Take care, and keep in touch.


    1. Cemal, only today I found your comment in the spam folder, one of eleven false positives the spam protection program has produced after years of flawless work.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I am glad you found images to enjoy! Siena is marvelous (I had visited it 35 years ago already) and the black and white marble unique among all the cathedrals I know.

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