Not Shot on Iphone6

Not Shot on Iphone6. Tagged with Urban, sculpture
Pettenkoferstr., Munich

The apple ads are all the rage now, but the photography leaves me cold, I have to admit – a bit on the bland, all too obvious side.

Thinking further: if Apple as the world’s most valuable brand plays in the ivy league of antisocial tax dodgers, there products are … not for me.


  1. intriguing statue. looks as if she is frozen there after someone poured something on her head. i think of a humiliated person. i have a vivid imagination.

    1. Yes, this statue certainly gives food for thought, and the traces of oxidation on the bronze of course add to a more minor key impression.

  2. A well composed photograph, even though it is not taken with an iPhone. I guess there is some kind of ad campaign going on, fortunately not here in Finland, or then I haven’t noticed it (I don’t pay much attention to ads).

    1. Juha, here in Munich these ads really jump in your face – but the company is certainly famous for creating hypes. I have no problem with it, and if huge crowds believe that their images improve if they use the iphone, it’s good for the company but will probably have not much impact on the real results…

  3. Da bin ich aber sehr froh, reitest Du auch nicht auf dieser Apfel-Welle :–)
    And don’t forget, not an apple a day — a picture a day keeps the doctor away.

    1. Walter, I definitely prefer my apples with skin. The optimal combination might be an apple plus a picture every day!

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