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Münchner Freiheit, Munich

‘Monaco Franze’ aka. Francis from Munich is the name of the main character of a TV series of the same name from the eighties of last century, who became so famous and an idol for many locals that his statue now sits in a cafe at Münchner Freiheit – a suitable place for him, being a flaneur and cherishing his freedom, not only but also regarding his love for affairs. His probably most quoted sentence is ‘A bisserl wos gähd oiwei’, meaning ‘there is always the opportunity for a flirt or a fling’. Needless to say that the cafe was his natural habitat.


  1. Tom, the ironical side of it is that Bavaria is by far the most conservative state in Germany, comparable maybe with Texas (without capital punishment of course), where the political majority still clings to the times where women were tied to kids, kitchen and church – which does not really fit the idea of libertinage that the ‘Monaco Franze’ seemed to follow.

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