1. There sure is a lot going on in that image, Marcus. I love the perpendicular lines and the contrast between the colors on the building and the white snow. The patterns of the snow on the tracks are interesting. And all those wires…wow!

    1. Thanks, Tom. This definitely was an interesting subject, but as I was sitting in the train, my possibility to choose a position and a perspective was somewhat limited.

    1. Danke, Hans! Ich sollte mal wieder das Hohe Lied auf die Zugverspätungen singen – das Bild ist nämlich bei einer solchen entstanden.

  2. I wonder about those streaks of color running down the wall… just decorative I assume marred by the graffiti (or enhanced depending on your point-of-view).

    1. That’s the question John – were these color streaks done on purpose or are they just the residues of the removal of other graffiti? I don’t know. And yes, the question of this new graffiti is just annoying and a detriment to the color pattern is a question rightfully asked. I am not decided yet.

    1. Thanks, Juha. I was just lucky that this train delay happened at such an interesting location.

    1. Cedric, that interpretation of the shadow is really good. Now that you wrote it, I see it too. And this might be a hint how all that color came up there.

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