1. Apologies for a techie query, but for this blurred action walking through shots, are you relying on the sophisticated anti-shake system of the Olympus camera to allow the appropriate shutter speeds to make it work? And, if so, do you need neutral density to keep from stopping the lens down into diffraction territory?

    1. Carl, this anti-shake of the Olympus is indeed wonderful – 1/8s at a full frame focal length of 80mm is just amazing. But I have to admit that the image is not critical sharp, both because of the long exposure time and because without a ND filter I had to use f22. But I like the result despite the flaws

      I got this image when walking together with a colleague through Durban in a quite tense overall mood – we didn’t feel at ease as the single white people in that area. Later I was warned to wear the backpack in front and to hide the camera. SA is not the easiest territory for someone new to the country, not knowing where not to go.

  2. While it may not hold up to closer inspection, it sure looks good at this size. Quite impressive for 1/8 second. And a very nice photograph, Markus.

    1. Thanks, Tom! In that environment I had to be quick getting any photograph, so sometimes technical imperfections just creep in.

  3. Kulturelle Vielfalt: das Denkmal für einen der größten Dichter steht in Südafrika (hoffen wir, das nicht alle Einwohner so schnell vorbeieilen), schaut auf das dortige Leben und der Seafood-Laden heisst Mississippi.

    1. «Deus quer, o Homem sonha, a obra nasce» (God wills, man dreams, the work is born) written in English and Portuguese is on display in Durban High School. Pessoa stayed for several years of his boyhood in Durban after his mother had married the appointed Portuguese consul in Durban. And the fine thing is, how much we are able to see and learn!

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