Airport Complexity

Airport Complexity. Tagged with Urban, night, reflection
Airport, Frankfurt

Time for a new narrative, now from a completely different world. You will see the day after tomorrow where my images will try to lead you to.

As I’ve introduced more than a year ago, this blog shows images in two different threads, the “main blog” and the “spillover” area, indicated by the discs in front of the respective word on the left hand sidebar. Posts are alternating (or should be), and while I try to stick with geographical consistency in the “main blog”, the “spillover” often is different from day to day, whatever subject reveals itself to my lens. Stay tuned!


  1. Carl, this certainly was a rewarding scenery, and completely unexpected. Frankfurt is an airport that offers you really long walking distances through very different setups, and at the end I was glad to reach my gate. Lufthansa offers complementary newspapers (even the good ones), but I decided to get just one for the 10h flight ahead and spend the time on the ground looking for image worthy sceneries instead of reading.

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