1. Michael, Lyon almost created a sensory overload with a bounty of sceneries like this. I was more than grateful that digital photography comes at so small marginal costs.

  1. I often have mixed feeling of street graffiti, partially because much of it defaces structures that have their own beauty in design, but some recently displayed in your photos seem to transcend the vandal into art — at least in my mind.

    1. Earl, that feeling we certainly share, also with Cedric, who commented similarly on All Along The Wall. Yes, graffiti can be vandalism, all too often more like an odor signature at a corner, but sometimes they do enhance an urban environment, and of the latter sort I’ve found quite a number in Lyon.

  2. A great scene which to my eye, seems to possess a painterly quality to it. Perhaps it’s just the graffiti. Whatever it is, it’s a cool photo.

    1. Thanks, Cedric. Can you imagine, my first thought in that place was about the fact that the café was closed… It was early in the morning, really cold, and all I had hoped for was a decent coffee. Ok, so I took the picture instead, which probably was the better choice as coffee is available in many other places, too.

  3. Da kommen schöne Erinnerungen an alternative Cafes in Berlin-Kreuzberg Anfang der 80er Jahre hoch. Ein wildes Leben. Ein wunderbares Bild & wie Cedric schon sagt “a cool photo”!

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

    1. Florian, ich war am Wochenende das erste Mal in Kreuzberg und war definitiv beeindruckt! Die Semesterferien meiner Tochter werde ich definitiv nutzen um Berliner Luft zu schnuppern. Den Kreuzberger Himmel kenne ich schon.

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