Come On A Walk Through Lyon


Montée de la Grande Côte, Lyon, (osm)

This post is the start of a new series on the main blog(*), featuring the city of Lyon in France. Those who followed my photography for a while will expect no postcards, and I will not deliver. I’ve experienced Lyon as a vibrant city, and while my stay for a business trip was just too short – and daylight in November even shorter – my few strolls through the city offered wonderful sceneries, making me hope that one day I can come back and concentrate just on seeing and living (not to forget eating…).

Of course there’s an abundance of graffiti on the walls, and I guess it’s not only my sensitivity for it. And in the center I found pedestrians galore, hurrying over sidewalks and through passages – traboules in French – so I was alert and enjoyed every single minute.

And as tomorrow is May 1st, this is also the image for the monthly wallpaper, available in a plethora of possible screen sizes. Enjoy!

* – this blog features two divisions, the main blog and the spillover area, allowing me to publish images of a coherent series in the main blog and showing some current photography in the spillover section. Oh, and least I forget: click on the images, and you should be rewarded with a larger version!

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  1. I love Lyon – and I only know the train station there ;-). This photo is so full of energy and joy – at least to me. That’s a nice treat for tonight. No November mood at all.

    1. Thank, you Martina! This image also is a favourite of mine, and I already worked intensively on printing it.

      Lyon was fascinating, and the Calatrava-designed airport and train station a furious beginning.

  2. I love the graphics and how well they integrate and contrast the architecture. The addition of character movement really adds interest too.

    1. Thanks, John. With images such as this, I feel incredibly gifted and enjoy seeing and living even more.

  3. Ein grandioses Spiel der Bewegung & Richtungen. Genauso wie manche Straßen hinab führen & im nächsten Moment schon wieder hinauf. Und das Rot ist so wunderbar, wie dieser eingefangene Moment, der so viel Lust auf mehr macht. Ein fantastisches Bild, Markus!

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

    1. Florian, das war so ein Augen-auf-Kamera-hoch-nicht-viel-denken Bild: ich hatte schon eines, ohne Personen, als ich die Schritte hörte. Und die Otto-Steinert-Einstellung – sein “Einfußgänger” ist immer in meinem Gedächtnis – ist nur einen Dreh des Moduswahlrads entfernt. Und das Glück wollte es, dass die junge Frau kein Neongrün trug…

  4. Great work, Markus, with the reorganization of the blog and this beginning series about Lyon. Just a little detail, the word “traboule” in not really French, because used and spoken only in Lyon, so we may say it’s part of the local language.

    1. Francis, thanks! Of course you are right, traboule is probably belonging to the local idiom as the “Gamsbärt” from my newest post is just Bavarian, but not correct German.

    1. James, Lyon was in many ways like that, and I enjoyed it very much. The only drawback: other than in my hometown, where I feel young as walking frames dominate the street, in Lyon I felt really old 😉

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