1. The figure definitely makes it. I have another frame taken just seconds earlier, and it doesn’t work.

      This is one of the rare rules I follow: If I see something with potential, I take the first picture immediately, without much thinking. Then I sometimes work the scenery, trying to get a better take. But it happens that only the very first frame works and the setup changed too fast to get a second chance.

    1. Robert, as I have no Photoshop – I am a die-hard linux user – my only chance is to frame what is already there and then to support what I’ve captured. I do most of my work in my raw converter, and that is sufficient for me in 99% of the images.

    1. Thanks, James! Admittedly, the Ingres’ Violin stopped me in the first place, and then I started seeing the many layers, also the cold/warm contrast that helps the image a lot.

  1. No doubt, Markus, it’s really working. I like it a lot. This silhouette lost in various media reflections, that could be me!

    1. Delving and diving into several simultaneous layers would be an interesting thing to do. Alas, currently we can only frame and capture the look, but who knows what the future will bring.

  2. Verloren im Abend & gleichzeitig aufgefangen im Licht. Ein Bild, dass bei jedem erneuten Betrachten mehr Details offenbart. Und damit wird es selbst zur Offenbarung. Gro├čartiger Moment, noch gro├čartiger gerahmt!

    Viele Gr├╝├če & weiterhin sichere Stra├čen, Fritsch.

    1. Florian, vielen Dank! Man muss nur m├╝de genug am Abend durch die Stadt wandern und von all dem “Shopping”-├ťberangebot die Nase voll haben – und voila – kriegt man ein visuelles Zuckerl serviert.

    1. Yes, it’s hard to get tired of such subject matter. There is so much variety and surprises in it, and it seems I am unable to resist.

    1. Thanks, Robert. There’s definitely a lot of details in the image and the happen to work very well together.

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