1. Yes, they definitely add to the image here. I have a frame from an earlier occasion, and it’s a mere depiction of the scene.

  1. Once again, perfect composition Markus. This sculpture is spectacular with a holographic quality about it. It looks quite large though that might just be a perspective thing.

    1. Oh, it is big, Cedric – I guess somewhere in the 5-6m range. And the afternoon light in the open shade reveals that slice structure very nicely.

    1. I tried a picture of that same statue at noon some time ago, and found it just bland. That undirected light in the shadow reveals more of the structure whilst at the same time creating a coherence of courtyard, facade and artwork, also revealing the repetition of sculptural artwork in that hero’s figure.

  2. But.. But…. WHY? Why Salzburg, Austria? To me this is like the giant icons of Easter Island! In the very middle of what? In the middle of a road there’s been erected this.. this.. monolith? Will Stanley Kubrick’s camera zoom back to reveal a gaggle of people tossing bones… or maybe now… iPads… Into the air? What a snarky enigma Markus.

    1. Ted – I fear this might be an Alien Trans-Earth-Project, where statues get sucked into the soil in the Easter Islands, travel along the earth’s core (hence the transformation into marble under extremely hot temperatures) and then grow out of the earth in strategic places. Here in Salzburg they’ve missed the bishop’s church only by some meters!

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