1. Thanks, John! Exposure was a bit tricky here in order not to blow the highlights, and I admit I had to resort to AfterShotPro’s highlight recovery in the brightes areas. But the OM-D works amazingly well even in the high-iso resort.

      Update: The exif data say it was only ISO 200, which is a bit hard to believe for this late hour, but it would explain why the highlights are so well retained.

    1. Carl, one could imagine they walked away after scratching the bus stop’s glass… Here the overall light works well together with the orange of the backlighted ads.

  1. Wow…Markus, I have to echo how well you’ve controlled the exposure on this shot. The details and tones are wonderful. You’re causing me to re-evaluate my thinking on how I use my own OM-D.

    1. Thanks, Earl! Since roughly one year the OM-D is my only camera, and I am quite reassured that it has pretty much all I need from a camera – both in terms of speed and net IQ. And in terms of weight/IQ relationship it’s just great and therefore the ideal go-everywhere camera for me. More camera I don’t need for the moment, maybe just a better grip, as the 12-40mm zoom I currently use is somewhat heavier than the primes I used to carry.

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