Guaranteed Artificial Color

Mont des Arts, Brussels, (osm)

This is fuzzy picture of a clear concept: My kind of illumination this is not – but for business in Brussels it seems to work, including the slightly decadent “Dinner in the sky”, where you eat suspended on a crane cable. Better not having to ask for the bathroom then…


  1. *Slightly* decadent?? But your point does bring up a question: when dining becomes an exercise in conspicuous consumption, running up an extravagant liquor bill is an essential part of how the .01% show off, and the restauranteur rakes in the profits. So how is this reconciled here with the, well, plumbing problem?

    1. Carl, in the ‘All-you-can-eat’ model (vulgo ‘greed rulz’), the profit is in the un-eaten and un-drunken. So in this case they will keep you up in the sky until the first guest reaches his/her capacity limit 😉

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