1. Hi, Markus,
    The first photo I’ve seen today (it’s early, here). Made me laugh, though I’m not sure why. Aside from its humour factor, though, it’s a really nice photograph.


    1. Nothing better than a laugh or at least a smile in the morning, Stephen! Yes, this image certainly borders to the absurd, but that is what made it so interesting for me.

  2. Totally bizarre but I do like it. This doesn’t look real. It looks like a movie set with stage lighting. That plus the hose makes for a truly strange experience. Like I said: I do like it.

    1. Staged is definitely the right word here, Cedric. Maybe it’s the artificial light, but I guess also the cleanliness with only one piece of paper, dropped like on purpose, that gives the scenery an impression as if it is from another reality.

  3. Does no one else see this as anything but a medical catheter [Katheter] on an architectural scale?
    I love it!
    Hope the patient has some relief, and then recovers.

    1. Oh well, catheter… Tyler [shaking head], that’s by far the best explanation I can imagine (and fine in the Minor White sense of “what else can it be”)

  4. Verdammt großartig, Markus! Das Licht, die Farben & die Absurdität … eine Fotografie wie ein Gemälde. Umwerfend schön!

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

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