Frankfurt, Germany

The reflected building is the “Alte Börse”, the old stock exchange of Frankfurt, the town that is the German banking capital and with it the oekosystem for that greedy fringe group of investment bankers. To back up my subjective opinion: the German Bank was among the perpetrators in all recent major scandals. I for my part do not feel at ease with the fact that we feed the banks/bankers with tax payers’ money, and they take even more than their legitimate share.

Money Makes The World Go Around


2 thoughts

  1. Nice how you lined up the reflection to perfectly superimpose the old on the new. My first quick look I thought the old facade was retained and the new building constructed behind it, as is sometimes done to preserve old architecture.

    As for the bankers inside, what is to be done to curb the power they have over the government and the people? It seems to be getting worse by the day.

    1. John, incorporating the old by using its reflection might just be another trick of self-aggrandization that’s so important for this kind of business…

      Unfortunately there’s not much political action to be seen at the moment that would curb back the influence of Corporate and their banks. Instead it seems like politics is running like an obese man running after a train, trying to repair the worst damages with our money. Maybe the occupy movement has a small long-term impact, but for the moment, the power of the plutocracy seems to be without limits.

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