1. Wunderbar! Schein und Sein, Sein sollen und Sein sein – Absurdität/Perversität der Werbungsmaschinerie in Kurzform

    1. Thanks, Carl! I have three frames from this subject, without and with another pedestrian, but this one definitely works.

  2. I’m a big fan of photos such as this where regular people are shot against large advertising billboards. The funny thing is that I have a real love-hate relationship with advertising on city streets. It create a lot of visual noise to the point that I would consider it as pollution but I still find myself attracted to them in terms of photographic opportunities. Makes me feel very conflicted 🙂

    1. Same feelings here, Cedric. I am quite sure I wouldn’t miss anything at all if public relations would disappear – but sometimes they give wonderful contrasting elements for such images.

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