1. There is so much going on here. It took me forever to see the two Dudes laughing at something, over there at the right edge. Because the pattern was so abstractly complete.

    So, “Bronzage” = “tanning” ?

    The “Nefertiti” (I don’t think that’s the standard spelling in English, or American) frames well with the tanning issue. Also a thought of how universal it is that people who consider themselves superior because they are White, go to great lengths to make their skin darker, despite decades-long indications that this is dangerous. Not exactly well reasoned.

    1. Carl, I found this in the African quarter of Brussels – 5 minutes away from the high-price boulevards. Belgium, too, has a bloody history in Africa and as a result a substantial number of immigrants (not only) from their old colonies.
      That white preference for darker skin most probably has something to do with it being a symbol for freely available income and time – only then you can afford to bask in the sun instead of working. Mind you, natural or enforce tan is not the same, and it seems also regarded as dangerous to different degrees. Our society can be pretty schizophrenic…

  2. Don’t know your source, Carl, but that is the spelling in the Oxford American Dictionary, Wikipedia, and elsewhere. Also in my French dictionary.
    Now you have me wondering who spells it differently (while using the English/Latin alphabet).


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