Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria

So I had to bring my eyeglasses to the optometrist today, sacrificing hard earned cash for a support of my degrading eyesight (to much time in front of a computer screen, but the eye specialist confirmed that it’s normal for my age – that *is* reassuring). Anyhow, a m4/3 camera is small enough for the pocket and a 35mm-e lens good for some street-photography. So there was the shadow, when I came too low in the left corner, but I knew it would move upwards over the next 15 minutes. And that’s when I captured it, gratified with the pedestrian passing in just the right moment.

Walker, Followed


4 thoughts

  1. I’m hoping they’ll come up with some non-invasive way of restoring 20-20 vision in the near future.
    I like how you captured your photo. Well worth the wait.

    1. Yep, sometimes things fall into place. But I am not the type to linger in one place, I just wait a little moment if a scene needs completion.

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