Rue de Rivoli, Brussels, (osm)

Working with my images, considering their content and their meaning (to me) brings me – albeit in circles and detours – a bit nearer to what I see and why I photograph. Embracing what is there certainly is one part of the motivation, even if I am still not able to react positively to many sceneries like that part of a city that seems to bit oblivious of its inhabitants. But this leaves thoughts and motivations to be discovered yet.

The Warm Breath Of The City


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  1. I would suggest that a negative reaction is no worse (or better) than a positive one. The idea (as I see it) isn’t to react positively to everything (an impossible task if you ask me) but rather to be fully aware of our reaction in each moment. That in itself is enough but as photographers we can take it an extra step and express that awareness visually; as you do so well by the way.

    1. Yes, Cedric, a positive answer to everything is not possible and not even desirable. What I try to learn is to find the balance of how much beauty is necessary and how much acceptance possible – awareness and less putting the things seen in boxes is the path I try to follow. Difficult, but worth trying, and demanding to be fully attentive to almost every subject.

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