Five Past Six – News From Your PRISM/Muscular/Tempora/X-Keyscore Feed

Train Station, Munich

<rant mode=”on”>Call me old-fashioned, if you like, – I am certainly not of the generation feeding every peristaltic movement onto twitter, f***book or other so-calles social networks – and therefore the presence of abundant CCTV system bothers me. If f***book, living from selling user-profiled data, manages to implement face recognition, then there is not just a probability that the global three-letter-services will use it, too, but instead the certainty that they already do, and save this your data just to take it out whenever they need you at your balls.

Yes, I am that old-fashioned that I believe in constitutional rights, and in spite of us Germans having no 1-xx amendments, I am glad that the requirement of a judicial decree seems to cut off at least the majority of homegrown spying attempts. That my country seems to be unable/unwilling – and I am undecided what is worse – to contain such vacuum-cleaner like activities of third parties is deplorable, if not a scandal.<rant mode=”off”>


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