1. Actually, looks a lot like our trees here, Markus. Except, of course, that the wind has pretty much blown all of the leaves off the trees and onto the ground. They’re just naked trees now. The girl on the bike with the yellow hat is a nice touch. A beautiful urban landscape.

    1. Paul, re. the yellow cap the old adage “success is when luck meets preparation” held true. I already head one frame, my bus was coming, but then I saw that biker approaching. I was lucky to get both, image and bus.

  2. My kind of photo. It is so wonderful when something like a cyclist wearing the perfect coloured hat comes into a picture. It’s always those little things that make photos special. It’s the little things that make life so good too. Well caught Markus.

    1. “… It’s the little things that make life so good too” – especially as too many of the big things give reason to cry, I am inclined to add.

      But at least I do need those little good things to keep composure and energy to move things forward in the right direction at least in my small area of influence.

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