Unterach, Attersee

Summertime can be reading time, too – you don’t always want sun. So I found time enough to delve into Abelardo Morell’s Universe Next Door. And reflecting on it, I ask me again and again why I do so much admire black-and-white photography and at the same time photograph almost exclusively in color.

Of course the world is in colour, and I guess my careful dosing of color avoids all abuse pitfalls, but still: some of the photographs and photographers I admire the most use black-and-white…

Hommage to Abelardo


2 thoughts

  1. Maybe when we get together soon we can talk this through. I wonder about exactly the same thing. So, when I fly to visit you (look at me, presuming all this) where will I be flying?

    1. Chris, maybe Salzburg would be a good place – not too far away from Dublin and well worth a visit. Depending of the time of the year we would either get naturlly damped colors by the (in)famous Salzburg rain or we have to translate the sceneries on our own: in any case much better than the sometimes overly sweet aimed-to-attract-the-tourists colors.

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